Welcome to Wallingford School where we strive to be at the heart of our community and to reflect the community in our school population.

Wallingford School’s results at both GCSE and A Level have been excellent in recent years and have been at the top or near the top of Oxfordshire state schools during this period.  However, the school is not just about examination results, important as they are.  We strive to give the best education experience to all our students no matter their academic abilities, aiming to send them into world able and qualified. For the young person there is also a wide range of extra-curricular activities including sport, music, drama and the arts to enhance their development and experience.

At the last OFSTED inspection in March 2017 the school was rated as good, but with many aspects of the school identified as outstanding including quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and effectiveness of leadership and management.  

Wallingford School is proud to be both co-educational and comprehensive and embraces these concepts.  The school is currently oversubscribed, but we actively seek to admit all applications from within our catchment area as we are keen to be representative of our community.  In order to accommodate the additional numbers wishing to come to the school and also the projected demographic increase of 11 -18 year olds in our catchment area the school has begun an expansion project to provide 20 new classrooms which is scheduled to come on stream early in 2022 - 2023 academic year.

The school benefits from its association with the Merchant Taylors’ Company as part of the Merchant Taylors’ Oxfordshire Academy Trust, an association that goes back over 350 years to the establishment of a school in Wallingford by Walter Bigg, a member of the Merchant Taylors’ Company.

The school has an excellent committed teaching and associate staff and it is able to recruit and retain first class employees who are drawn to the excellence of the school and its ethos.  Discipline is good and visitors to school often remark on the vibrant and happy atmosphere when they go round the school.

The Governors are very proud of Wallingford School and what has been achieved.  We are committed to ensure that these standards are maintained and improved as we move forward.

Lynda Atkins

Chair of Governors

Governing Body

Lynda Atkins Chair
Jeremy Cuthbert
Matthew Davies
Sarah Dow
Billy Harpin
John Marston 
John Peel
Peter Rostron
Ian Skeels
Sandra Tibbles
Damian Tyler
Tim Vallings
Maddie Wheeler
Ian Williams


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