Extracurricular News

Aimee being tackled

Aimee crouching down We always love to hear about our students' activities outside of school.

Aimee, Year 10, has found a true passion for rugby since playing for Wallingford Girls RFC. She has become their main kicker and scored a lot of their conversions, and has since been selected to play for Oxfordshire County. To top it off, out of 12 individuals in the whole county, Aimee has been selected for the England Development Programme for Oxfordshire Girls RFC, with a recommendation to Gloucester College once completed.

We are so proud of her amazing achievement.

Story by Miss Rutter (Work Experience)


Aimee and her teamAimee being tackled

World Scout JamboreeWe were pleased to hear that five students have been selected to attend the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea next summer! They are: Jess (Year 10), Abigail (Year 10), Suzanna (Year 9), Joey (Year 9), and Sid (Year 9).

They will help to raise £160,000 as a group over the next year and a half. This will cover the trip, training camps, and equipment, as well as contributing towards a solidarity fund which enables Scouts from developing countries to attend.

This is a huge achievement – only 36 scouts were selected out of over 170 applicants across the county.

We look forward to hearing more!

A big congratulations to Sky, Year 10, on becoming national champion (female 63kg) at the England Boxing, National Schools Championships 2021 - a round of applause from us all!

Sky's Certificate and gloves Sky after her match

Looking - by Mia Annesen-WoodMia Annesen-Wood actually has a painting exhibited at Modern Art Oxford! She actually, actually has!

Mia, in Year 13, has been working hard with the MAO Young Creatives initiative for just over a year now. Mia’s painting ‘Looking’ was a project in constant evolution. It was built up with layers of colour, each time a different shade or shape until it finally appeared finished. Mia says, ‘All of a sudden, it was as though she was really looking, looking into the future or, as Yoko Ono said, “The next beautiful world.”‘

Mia says of her experience, ‘Working with the gallery as part of the Young Creatives has been an amazing opportunity to see behind the scenes of an art organisation. It has influenced my creative practice, and helped me to understand what a career in the arts is like. Meeting other young creative people to work collaboratively has been invaluable in developing my ideas and broadening my perspective.’

This is a truly impressive painting and a truly impressive achievement. Well done Mia!

- Mr Bowen, Head of Art


Students in the courtyardMr Marston spoke about Gardening Club in last week's Headteacher's Message and we managed to catch-up with them after school yesterday, where they were busy planting (very organised too!) - we can't wait to see how this develops, thank you!
"As I write this the Gardening Club are planting bulbs in the Courtyard Garden for the Spring. No one has asked them to do this, they have done it because they want to. They have sourced the bulbs and the plants and the tools and have got on with the job. That’s impressive and pretty special." - Mr Marston