French video exchange studentsThis week the students of 8JM have been recording videos for a pilot project that will be shared with their French exchange students from the Collège Saint-Joseph Viala in Marseille! They received videos from the students of cinquième (Year 8) a few weeks ago, and wrote and practised their response in French last week.

They used all the language they have been learning this year: describing their siblings, talking about likes and dislikes, their favourite subject, their school uniform, and most importantly, their favourite French football teams!

Here are some questions they asked – can you guess what they mean?

‘Tu as des frères ou des soeurs?’ ‘C’est quoi ton équipe de foot préférée?’ ‘Tu aimes l’anglais?’ ‘J’adore les maths, et toi?’

I am sure the French students will be very impressed! Bravo 8JM ?

- Madame Pennec