Bee on a sunflowerIt is simply brilliant to have everyone back in school. A school is not a school without its students in the building and the sense of energy and joy at being together again are palpable. I would like to commend all of our students with their approach to the testing process – as we would expect, they have been sensible and mature throughout and this is hugely to their credit.

I wrote last week about the proposed biodiversity area which we are looking to develop with the support of the Walter Bigg Foundation. Its location will be on the land next to the new school car park in St George’s Road and we are tremendously excited about the project.

The aims of the project are: to increase the biodiversity of the area to support a range of flora and fauna; to create a resource for the school and potentially local primary schools to support the curriculum and the personal development of students; and to provide an area for rest, relaxation, and reflection for the local community. Soil samples have already been collected and analysed and we are looking to get things going as soon as is realistic.

The initial thinking is to include some or all of the following elements:

  • Meadow areas and paths
  • Bug hotels
  • Wildlife ponds
  • A ‘Tiny Forest’ 
  • A community orchard
  • Wildlife friendly allotment beds
  • An outdoor classroom
  • Seating

The key words at this point are “initial thinking” as these are our thoughts and we really want to find out what our students think and to get them involved in the design process as it is primarily for their benefit. Students have viewed an assembly about the project this week and our Student Leaders are both looking for volunteers to be part of a working group and also discussing the project with the Student Councils to gather their early thoughts.

We are mindful that many students will come forward quickly to become involved but that there will be others who may talk it through at home and want to become involved; if that is the case please do encourage your son or daughter to speak with me or one of the Student Leaders and we will ensure that they become part of this really exciting development for the school.