girls playing hockeyAs we reach the end of the last full week of term, it feels like a moment to pause and reflect on quite how well our students have coped with everything which they have encountered over the past year. Their approach has been simply brilliant and all of our staff have been so very impressed and proud to work with them.

As adults I think that we would all recognize that the past year has not been straightforward and that we have had experiences and had to adapt, change and innovate in ways in which we could not have previously have imagined. However, we never had to experience anything like this situation when we were 11 or 14 or 17 - times when we were having the experiences in school and beyond which are so formative in developing us into the adults we become.

We know how resilient young people are in so many situations and this is never to be underestimated; equally, the return of routines and normality – coming to school, outdoor sport and activities resuming next week with a whole host of other activities to follow – are going to be such a relief and joy for them all. However, we also know that they have had an experience which we as adults have not had and we need to support them with this in a multitude of ways. We will be doing so in the weeks and months to come so that what we offer as a school supports our young people and their varying needs effectively, encourages their personal growth and enables them to thrive.

Much more will follow on this during the rest of the academic year and into next year but for now it is probably most appropriate to say “well done” again to everyone and to reiterate how good it is to be back together again as a school community.