It’s been a really good week back in school with the sun shining and everyone delighted to be in school. There is nothing quite like the sounds of a purposeful school in the summer months with all the windows open. As I walk around during lessons and hear everything from whirring machines to music to French and German to historical scenarios and so much more I appreciate the quality of teaching and learning at Wallingford School and the enthusiasm and commitment of our young people.

I’ve reiterated this message in assemblies this week and also emphasized the importance of first impressions; they may last or they may not but they are not too difficult to get right. We celebrate our students leaving Wallingford School as being able and qualified and being able is about getting it right, being polite and well-mannered, caring and kind and a good citizen. I am fortunate to be out and about in the town with groups of our Year 7 students on Friday mornings over the next few weeks learning about local history and this will be about what they learn but also about their local community and their important role in it.

I try not to write too often in these messages about COVID as I haven’t got much to say that you don’t already know. However, with the concerns over the spread of the Delta variant, please do ensure that students do take Lateral Flow Tests two times each week and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school.