Mr Choi in front of the schoolWe are pleased to introduce Mr Choi as Head of Year 7 – over the past couple of weeks Mr Choi has visited (or virtually visited) Year 6 students at their primary school and continues to do so this week. He has been describing his vision for Year 7 next year and is really excited to see you all on your first day!

As you can imagine, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you all to Wallingford School in September (Friday 3rd) – the first day is a special day, where you get to explore the whole school, meet your new Form Tutor, and fellow tutees. The only other students on site will be the new Year 12s in Sixth Form – their first day too!

We hope you have a great summer in the lead-up to joining us in September – some of you may even plan to visit our Summer School! In the meantime, have a think about Mr Choi’s assembly (PROUD) and how you can apply this to your first year at Wallingford School.

We will see you very soon!