The competitors and winners.The Ninja Warrior finalists had to overcome another fantastic course set by the PE Department - it's always great to see a little friendly competition, House team spirit and raucous support from the student spectators!

There were 25 finalists, and 4 managed to complete the course. The top 4 contestants were:


1st - Amelie

2nd - Finbar

3rd - Katie

4th – Alfie


Well done to everyone who attempted the Ninja Warrior 2022 - we look forward to seeing you all next year!


The Ring of Dismay Go Issy!The Wall of Small Falls

The Faceplant of EmbarrassmentThe Leap of Ripped ShortsThe Trampette of Bruised Shins

The Anti-Grav PE MatsThe Podium of GloatingThe Superglue Surprise