This week Year 9 students have participated in the Intensive STEM Summer Camp, run by STEM Learning – a national organisation committed to providing world-leading STEM education for young people across the UK. Specialist experienced teachers delivered various intensive, practical science lessons in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

On day one, the students completed various biological experiments including using microscopes to look at cells inside bananas and pondweed, and carried out an osmosis practical using potatoes to explore the movement of water.

Osmosis of water in potatoes experiment3Boys using a microscope

The next day focussed on Chemistry. The students looked at the periodic table and the atomic structure of Group 1 elements. They were shown a demonstration of the first 3 elements (Lithium, Sodium and Potassium) reacting with water, and later experimented with displacement reactions.

 ResultsTeacher demonstrating

For their final day of STEM, Year 9 spent time exploring IV Characteristics: They used ammeters on circuit boards to investigate the effects of voltage on current, and later experimented with the effect of the voltage on temperature.

Circuit demonstrationA circuit experimentThumbs up for the experiments!

The workshop was a valuable experince for our students to explore scientific experiments in more depth.

Story by Miss Rutter (Work Experience)