Sign on the new building with a blue sky aboveIt is a shorter week this week at the end of the first half-term of the year. For staff, Thursday and Friday will be spent focusing on pedagogy and practice – essentially great teaching and learning – and further developing the support and offer which we have for our students. These are valuable and important days which are a bedrock of the school’s professional development for staff so that our provision remains as strong as it can possibly be in all areas. For students, it is the start of a well-deserved break after a busy start to the school year.

Being “busy” is a big part of the joy of being in a school and we revel in everything we do and offer. In the last week we have had fixtures and rehearsals, expeditions and clubs, trips and visits and a whole lot more. I am very fortunate to lead a team of staff who are determined to offer such breadth and depth of experience to our students and I know that they appreciate it too. Equally, I have been in and out of a huge number of lessons over the past few weeks and the conduct, focus and commitment of our students have been faultless. They are working hard, giving of their best and deserve a break now to draw breath after a busy start to the year. Well done to all and in particular our Year 7 students who have made such a brilliant impression during their first term at Wallingford School.