Art Club Chandelier InstallationLast Friday was the second successive Friday on which the school was filled with some very strange fancy dress outfits as we had our Year 13 Leavers’ Celebration Day. It was great and the final assembly was filled with jokes, appreciation and quite a lot of emotion. They have been an excellent year group who have really bought into every aspect of Sixth Form life and we will miss them. Their Leavers’ Ball is to follow at the end of June and we look forward to wishing them well again then.

In the meantime, public examinations have kicked in properly this week and the focus and maturity of both our Year 11 and Year 13 students have been so very impressive. As a staff body we continue to support them and as ever the strength of relationships forged through great teaching and learning and our core values are very much to the fore.

For the rest of the school, House events tick along with House The Weakest Link this week and the potentially epic House Remote Control Car Racing Competition next week. In addition, Year 12 students were on a Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Expedition last weekend, we had a Live Lounge music performance last Thursday and there has been a lot of sport going on including District Athletics and Rugby Sevens tournaments. Lunchtime clubs continue to flourish, with this week notable for some fantastic work produced at Art Club which has been posted online.

A busy school is a happy school – and there is a huge amount of other things going on – and we thrive on this “busyness”.

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