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Admission Questions

1) My child is currently at Watlington Primary school and we live in Berinsfield. We have wanted to send our son to Wallingford since he was 5 so are very keen to get him a place. My question is how likely will it be that it might be rejected and we will have to appeal?

For the last few years we have been oversubscribed for entry to year 7, but who will apply each year is not something we can predict. 

You can find details about place allocation in our admissions policy below.   

You can find more information about continued interest lists and appeals should you wish, here:

2) Regarding the allocation process, please can you confirm how pupil spaces are allocated? My current year 6 is in catchment (albeit right on the edge as the crow flies) and has an older sibling in Wallingford School  (currently year 9) but I understand that this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a school place and there is a possibility my year 6 could be allocated a different school. If you could provide some background on what criteria is used that would be great, so many houses have been built recently (in and around Wallingford) I am concerned. Many thanks in advance for any information you are able to share.

You can find details about place allocation in our admissions policy below. Section 3d shows the order places are allocated for each criteria in the event we are over-subscribed.

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Admissions Policy

You can download a copy of our Admissions Policy 2021-2022 below. For more information about secondary school applications, please see the Oxfordshire County Council web site.


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